Organization Wide/Strategic HR

These services align your organization structure and people strategy to the business strategy. They help you identify the talent/capabilities needed in your organization for operating the business today and planning for its future – structured planning for the people element of your business strategy. This level of intervention can also help you shape the culture of your Department, Function or whole organization.


“Just 4 You” provides both diagnostic and capability building interventions for organizations. We can facilitate or design the people planning process to identify needs and/or gaps that support the delivery of the business goals. Diagnostic services can be provided to assess current employee capability and change readiness. Change management planning allows you to integrate this information into your change initiative – invest time and money managing your current people assets in preference to having to recruit and train new ones.

Key solutions could address areas such as Talent Management, Performance Management, Succession planning, Competency Models, Change Management and Organization design services to match organization structure to the Business strategy.