Examples of Work 4 You

Team Building/Development

Designed, developed and facilitated a process to ensure team dynamics were understood and goal alignment was achieved for a Business Unit Leadership Team in a large Pharmaceutical company.


Designed and facilitated a process to develop a team and identify strengths to be leveraged, for a geographically dispersed team across the Asia Pacific region.


Developed and facilitated a half day workshop to develop more effective teamwork for a group of 30 people, geographically dispersed, for a Laboratory Services organization.


Designed and developed a team development process for the core curriculum of a large global pharmaceutical organization.


One on one Coaching for the Emerging Talent of a global financial organization - the Coaching is an integral part of the organizations' structured Management Development program.

Coaching a VP in a Commercial area, who has recently been appointed at this new level to ensure a successful transition.

Coaching an International mover with a global chemical organization, who was appointed to a business leadership role in the US. The purpose is to ensure the international move is successful for both the business and for the transition of the employee and their family.


Capability Assessments

Designed and executed an interview process to determine current levels of expertise in a Supply Chain for a global organization.

Performance Management

Developed and designed a workshop for a small group of Managers to help structure thinking and plan actions on managing the performance of direct reports.

Facilitate 1 day Workshops on Performance Management and Feedback & Coaching, utilizing the materials developed by a partner organization.

Retention & Engagement

Facilitated a Workshop in Melbourne, Australia, based on the book called “Love ‘em or Lose ‘em”, for the Australian Business Unit of a global organization.

Competency Models

Using the Lominger Model – developed “Success Profiles” for different roles in organizations from Medical Devices to Animal Health organizations. Profiles were used for both assessment & development purposes, to focus training and development interventions.


Career Reviews

Career Reviews, on a 1 on 1 or group basis, using a variety of tools and techniques to aid individuals in identifying their career goals, strengths and aspirations, starting from the basis of their values and motivation. This is critical for people in transition, at a career crossroads or who need to make critical decisions about the “next job”. The key outcome is an Action Plan based on personal goals and organization needs/expectations.

Emotional Intelligence

Provided surveys and a structured discussion session, to increase the EQ/EI of a group of facilitators, as they prepared to a roll out a management development program.

EQ/EI instruments are often incorporated in to Executive Coaching assignments, depending on the needs identified in the early stages of the Coaching engagement.