Assessments 4 You

Just 4 You HR is certified to both administer and interpret a range of psychometric tools that provide insight into individuals and teams. The feedback from the tools allows for the identification of strengths to leverage and improvement areas/“blind spots” that may either impact current performance or success at the next level.

Just 4 You partners with “test” providers to ensure the right tools are used for the identified need and not just fitting the “tool” to every situation. “Just 4 You” can provide tests such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and tools for Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Handling, 360/Multi Rater feedback, interpersonal preferences, team working and self-assessment tools for Leadership Behaviors.


“Just 4 You HR” is a member of the SHL Partner Network, allowing access to a range of well normed and validated tests created by SHL in a range of languages. The tests can focus on areas such as Personality, Motivation, Abilities and Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI).

All the assessment tools can be used independently but are more powerful and effective incorporated in to some form of overall individual or team intervention.