Food 4 Thought

This page provides quotes or observations about Work Life. I hope it will stimulate your thinking about yourself and those around you, especially if you are or wish to be a Leader. The perspectives shared are either my own or those I have learnt or acquired from people on my career journey across industry sectors, countries and organization sizes.

This is for highly intelligent people who can “post-rationalize” anything and assume they have won the argument –

You can't talk yourself out of a situation you have behaved your way in to”

This is for Managers who think they can change people's values and behaviors, irrespective of the individual's desire to change, rather than making the “tough call” –

If you can't change the people, change the people!”


Do you as a Leader want people in your organization that “Have the ability, potential and skills to leave your organization?”

If Yes, “What are you doing to give them the desire to stay?”

When you wish to stretch someone with a development opportunity, people are like Teabags –

You don't know how strong they are until you put them in hot water.”

When people first join an organization they are excited, motivated, willing to learn and be flexible……what do we do to them that makes them change so quickly?

Feel free to send me your own thoughts, quotes and observations that will stimulate some Leadership thinking and awareness.