Individual Development

This targets situations when you wish to invest in current key individuals and/or your future talent. These individual development interventions, such as Coaching or Career Reviews/Assessments ensure that key people maximize their potential and contribution to the business.


Typically, people that are provided with challenging work and personal development opportunities are more likely to be engaged with the organization and you can retain your top talent. Services provided include 1 on 1 (Executive) Coaching, 360 degree feedback, Career Development planning or assessment processes to identify development needs, so that performance and contribution can continue to be enhanced. Typically an outcome will be a targeted Personal Development Plan for an individual – Engagement + Capability = Motivation & Results

A related service is “ Coach 4 You” – support provided remotely by both email or telephone to help individuals prepare for or reflect on key leadership moments. This service is provided confidentially so that leaders are not under the eye of their colleagues or manager and can readily share their development needs or vulnerabilities in a results focused discussion.


“Coach 4 You” is an ideal way to test the quality and value of the contribution provided by Just 4 You HR Consulting. Time for this service can be purchased in increments of 5 hours and turnaround time for support can be immediate or normally within 24 hours. It can also be used as a continuing process following a more typical 1 on 1 Coaching engagement.


The Just 4 You HR Consulting approach to Coaching can be summarized as follows:


C areer/Work focus – other domains of life will impact performance at work but the clear focus of our Coaching is in the Career/Work domain.

O bjective Observation – as an impartial third party, a coach will provide actionable feedback and observation on behaviors at work.

A ssessment – using tools & techniques, including psychometric tests, the coaching process will aid self-understanding and help identify strengths to leverage and development areas.

C larity – the outcome of the above steps will be a Personal Development Plan (PDP) focused on both personal and organizational needs.

H oning of Skills – the Coach can help a person practice and fine tune their skills from the PDP in a supportive environment, before they unleash themselves on their team or the organization.