Next Level Leadership Group Coaching

The Next Level Leadership (NLL) group coaching program is targeted at people preparing for an "Executive level" appointment or who have recently been appointed at that level.  This 6/7 month development intervention is based on the "The Next Level what insiders know about executive success" book by Scott Eblin and includes a 360 Degree feedback process at both the beginning and the end of the program. 

It helps people understand the behaviors they need to "let go of" and "pick up" to become successful Executives.  With up to 16 people able to go through the program together, not only does it help build networks across an organization but it provides cost effective development for key people in your organization.

Please contact Just 4 You HR to discuss this great development intervention for people at a stage in their career when they need the most help. It will reduce the risk of high potential employees derailing and costing your business a great deal of money and disruption.